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Asset forfeiture is often controversial on many grounds. Also referred to as civil seizure, this is a legal practice that involves the confiscation of properties that belong to individuals suspected of involvement in criminal activities. In most cases of asset forfeiture, the owner of the property is not arrested or prosecuted.

Due to the inherent nature of civil asset forfeiture, abuse is inevitable. If your assets have been wrongfully seized by the authorities in Texas, Bret W. Schmidt, a leading Texas asset forfeiture attorney, can help you in many ways. You shouldn't resign to fate when your property is taken. Finding the right attorney should be your priority.

Why Choose the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt?

Your chances of recovering a property that has been seized by police in Dallas or elsewhere depend on the Criminal forfeiture attorney you hire. With the right legal backing, it is possible to get your property back. But if you decide to work with a rookie, you can as well kiss the property goodbye even before your defense is launch.

The principal attorney in the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt is well-recognized as a leader in forfeiture defense in the DFW area. In addition to the unsurpassed records set by our attorney, the office is run in a professional manner. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this law office over the others:

Knowledgeable and Skillful Asset Forfeiture Attorney in Dallas TX

Bret W. Schmidt is regarded by many as the best DFW asset forfeiture defense lawyer. This is basically because of a proven record of helping people to get their properties back. He is known throughout Dallas and the state of Texas for his knowledge and skills. His dedication to duty is second to none, also. Attorney Bret brings his knowledge to work on every case. He is always willing to step in and help anyone recover their properties within the legal framework. The attorney and his staff treat every case like their most important case, ensuring that your properties are not permanently seized unjustly.

An Experienced Criminal Forfeiture Attorney

Another important reason to choose Bret Schmidt over other attorneys in Dallas is his wealth of experience. As a dogged criminal forfeiture attorney, he has been involved in many cases of civil seizure. He has been in private practice since 1996 (over 24 years). During this period, he has dedicated his practice to helping to protect the right of Texas residents, getting involved with several cases. He will bring the highest of experience to your case and help you recover a wrongfully seized property.

You can’t wait too long in Civil Asset forfeiture as there is always a deadline to apply and get your property back. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you were charged with a criminal offense. If you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the DFW area, contact Attorney Bret W. Schmidt for a free, no-obligation consultation on 214-526-1100.

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