If your divorce involves high assets or complex property division, you need a law firm with extensive experience in complicated cases. West Family Law Group has a long history of handling all aspects of high net worth divorces with discretion and efficiency.

We understand that your needs and goals are unique; we specialize in custom-tailored solutions that address the facts and circumstances of your case. In high asset cases, just because you can afford to “do whatever it takes” does not mean that is the correct approach.

From Richard's interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

Our clientele includes professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, public officials, and other public figures who require nothing but the best. We help our clients avoid media exposure and overly-invasive discovery practices. Because high-asset divorces tend to be complicated, we utilize the services of experienced and respected forensic accountants to assist us in achieving your goals.

We possess experience in the division of assets that are more difficult to value properly, including incentive stock options, highly-compensated employee plans, trusts, closely-held corporations, professional practices, intellectual property and endorsement rights.

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Our Strategy: Divorce Accuracy Assessment

We listen to you to determine what is important to you. We counsel you honestly on whether your goals are achievable and appropriate. Then, we can help you develop a strategic path.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you. We also have the resolve to tell you when your goals are unrealistic. We would rather be brutally honest at the beginning than disappoint you at the end. Questions we help you address include:

Is it achievable?

Analysis of the law governing a goal:

  • Is the relief sought even available?
  • Is it likely to happen if a court is making the decision?

Is it appropriate?

  • How will your actions impact your children?
  • Parents must work together to raise happy and healthy children. If actions taken during the divorce poison the parenting relationship, the children will suffer.
  • Are the financial benefits you are seeking disproportionate to the cost of achieving the benefit?
  • Are there alternatives to achieving the ultimate goal which should be considered?