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Criminal Defense Attorney Twin Cities

Criminal Defense Attorney in the Twin Cities

If you don't see the need for hiring a competent attorney, it could be beneficial to take the time to understand the job of a criminal defense attorney in the Twin Cities. A better understanding of the roles that criminal defense attorneys play in the criminal justice system will help you realize why it is so important to hire one.

The 5 Important Roles Played by a Criminal Defense Attorney


A Twin Cities criminal defense attorney will advise you on any aspect of the criminal justice system from the initial investigation of a crime right through to the appeal of a guilty verdict in the highest court in the land.


In the United States, you have several key rights guaranteed under the Constitution, including the right to a public and speedy trial by a jury of your peers and the right to remain silent. A criminal defense attorney ensures that those rights are protected if you choose to exercise them and will walk you through the decision to waive them.


If you do admit to being guilty of the charges leveled against you, the role of your attorney becomes one of a negotiator to make sure that you get the most favorable terms possible if you are party to a guilty plea agreement.


While the vast majority of criminal prosecutions are often resolved without the need for a trial, Twin Cities criminal defense attorneys usually start to prepare to defend you at trials from the first moment you hire them.


Once a criminal defense lawyer represents you, nobody is allowed to contact you directly regarding your case including the police and the prosecution. Your attorney speaks on your behalf and essentially acts as a guard between you and everybody else.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the need for a criminal defense attorney, it is quite clear that they do play an important role in ensuring that justice is served. If you are a Twin Cities resident facing criminal charges, you should consider hiring Lynne Torgerson. Lynne has been practicing for over 26 years and plays the 5 roles outlined here and many others to ensure that your rights are protected and justice is served.

Criminal Defense Attorney Twin Cities
Lynne Torgerson Criminal Defense

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