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Virtual Time Sharing

Virtual time sharing is gaining more popularity among families nationwide. Experts are saying there are a lot of benefits to virtual time sharing, especially regarding an emotional bond between parent and child.

What is Virtual Time Sharing?
Virtual time sharing is the use of various electronic communications which allows contact between a parent and child. The communication methods may include:
* Text Message
* Email
* Facebook, Facebook Messenger
* Facetime
* Skype
* Other video conferencing programs
* Other social media platforms

Benefits of Time Sharing:
* Children feel closer and safer with their parent
* Parents who "friend" their child through social media have a better connection to what is going on in their child's life

Limitations of Time Sharing:
* Children become upset with lack of privacy
* Children may become resistant to further communication because they feel they are being closely monitored

Considerations Regarding Virtual Time Sharing:
* Develop a consistent day and time schedule when virtual time sharing would occur and enter into parenting plan
* Mutually decide on virtual communication methods/platforms, who will initiate communication, and how much assistance from parent will be needed. Enter these specific details into parenting plan
* Neither parent should interfere with virtual time sharing or change the scheduled time
* Neither parent should engage in unresolved conflict during this time
* Structure the contact and make the "visit" engaging

Activity Ideas During Your Virtual Time Sharing

* Have dinner and conversation together
* Participate in a bedtime routine. Read your child a story before bed.
* Play internet games together
* Assist with homework
* Participate in virtual field trips - examples: shopping, going to an educational establishment, etc.

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